Post cholecystectomy adhesions

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I know how you feel!  I have had abdominal surgeries and suffer greatly with adhesions!  Recently I had a surgery to remove all the abdominal adhesions and sorry to say the are already starting to grow again!!!  I was in the hospital for 3 wks. with the NG tube in and out, in and out...I have a wonderful surgeon that takes good care of me and a body that like to grow those horrible adhesions!  In the same boat as you my friend! G. Clark in Fort Mill, SC   > Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 00:38:06 -0500
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> Subject: Post cholecystectomy adhesions
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> Subject: Post cholecystectomy adhesions
> Here I am again after 16 years. Had my gallbladder out that long ago
> and of course had all of the usual tests....ALL OF THE TESTS. Nothing.
> After a series of many doctors and specialists all of whom thought I was
> nuts my new doctor who I have a great deal of confidence in said that it
> sounded like an adhesional problem and just let them go. I
> times. Except these times.
> I can go for months, weeks or days without what I call a flair up. When
> I do get these attacks or flair ups they could be mild and last a day or
> so or they could really be severe ( like they are now ) and last weeks.
> What's the sense of more tests; I've had ebough CT scans to probably
> give me cancer anyway.
> I feel healthy. I am healthy. I run ultra marathons, box, engage in
> mixed martial arts, have no loss of appetite or energy. No weight loss.
> Nothing just this rotten, pulling, tugging, burning pain right where the
> gallbladder use to be. It especially gets really bad after a bowel
> movement. Sopuind familiar anyone ?
> And yes as usual, they will go away. They always have. I'd just like
> to know if any unfortunate person out there experiances the same
> symptoms, the same type of flair ups as I have. It's times like this
> when they get bad is when I search for a little reasurrance.

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