Numb leg

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Sat Sep 4 20:03:27 2010

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You need to see a spine specialist.  Not Orthopedic.  The reason for this is that a spine specialist deals with only the spine.  If there is something wrong in the spine, they will pick up on it quicker than an orthopedic surgeon.  Don't get me wrong, some ortho doctors do spinal surgery, but they do not specialize in it.  I found out the hard way.  Disc compression and herniated discs, as well as collapsed spines can cause a series of problems and symptoms that radiate into other portions of the body, depending on where the problems is located in the spine.  Specialists will be able to tell and will be able to help you with it. A good rule of thumb is ask the patients in the office what they think of their surgeon and how they did with their surgery and what their outcome was or is.  This will help you decide that you have found the right doctor.  (By the way, a doctor that is hard to get into, because of having so many patients, is generally a well educated and caring doctor and is usually best)

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