Re: which way to turn?

From: Donna (
Sat Sep 4 19:57:28 2010

At Sat, 31 Jul 2010, Dawn wrote: >
>Well, I'm having to face the surgical beast again even though I too have
>been told don't let anyone back in your stomach unless it's life or death.
>Well, I have had ovarian remnants to return since the last surgeon didn't
>get them all. Of couse more adhesions are going to form and he says the
>surgery may help some or hurt things more. It is like flipping a coin- it's
>a 50/50 chance of more harm versus good, but the remnants can't stay and be
>left alone and not removed. I am so scared to do surgery again !!! But, my
>options are, well, none. So that was my decision and I could end up with

dawn >
>On Jul 23, 2010, at 11:37 PM, "IAS Admin \(Tracy\)"
><> wrote:
>From: (Izzy)
>Subject: which way to turn?
>I was reading the message about how long is too long. I am confused. My
>new doctor (another of the many) told me last week that she would not
>even consider doing another surgery and I was crazy if I let anyone else
>do it either. Of course the problem is caused by the solution but
>please...what is a person to do?
>If you are damned if you do and damned if you don't then is it just a
>flip of a coin?
>I am on high doses of medication just to get through the day. Of course
>the medication takes away your life because all I do is sleep and wish
>my brain would start working again, Of course I would love nothing more
>than to be rid of them, but the only way would be another surgery. I am
>trying to balance that need with the horrible things that can occur with
>yet another surgery. If the adhesions are wrapped around your bowels
>and anything nicks them during surgery.... I guess I would rather deal
>with the devil I already know.
>What have you done with this delima? Does anyone have any advise about
>which direction to turn (okay, I know we can't turn since it just rips
>more scar tissue and causes more
>Thanks for just being there.

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