Re: pain management

From: Debbie (
Sat Aug 28 23:38:34 2010

I don't know where you live but there is a surgeon in Cincinnati ohio who is doing great work with adhesions. It is Dr. Semertzides. He has helped alot of women. I went to him and he looked at all my records and came up with a plan. I had some test done,& then a laparoscopy. When he went in he could not go anywhere because I have adhesions in my entire abdomen and pelvis. He had to bail or he would have done more harm. 1 week after, Dr. Semertzedes was in the Vice Presidents office at Bethesda asking to do a new study on adhesions. He received the approval from Bethesda and the FDA and is in the process. Once it goes thru all the stages he is going to do the procedure on me. Also He will work with you on pain management. He starts with one narcotic and goes thru them until he finds the right one that will work for you.


t Sat, 31 Jul 2010, Kristie wrote: > >At Wed, 2 Jun 2010, Kimberly wrote: >> >>I found one specialist who deals with adhesions and they told me on the >>phone they use injections in the belly but do not prescribe long term >>narcotics. I am beyond frustrated. I don't want to live on pain >>killers but without them I can't even cope with the day and my primary >>care doctor gives me very little and I basically have to fight her to >>even get them. I always run out before they are due again and even with >>them I have many days that I can't get out of bed. Has anyone ever had >>stomach injections for pain? How do you get pain killers? I can't >>understand how some people on here are on pumps for pain and I can't get >>a few pills just to manage a semi normal life. > >Hi...Are you talking about Trigger Points? I have had lots of those. >You can email me at > >-- >Kristie Liston >

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