why bother

From: Kimberly (kimberlyecanonico@hotmail.com)
Mon Jun 28 22:36:51 2010

I can totally understand why people kill themselves. There is no help just circles upon vicious circles. Doctors who don't understand, family that doesn't believe you and a life that no longer exists for the person that this happens to. The doctor who did this gets no punishment and the families that suffer just continue to suffer. I don't know why this happened to me. All I know is that I wouldn't wish this fate on the most evil person in the world. I can't take care of my kids or myself. I see normal mommies at the park or the fair on my way to useless doctor appointments and I realize that I will never be happy again. There is no way out. I was robbed of a normal life with my family and I am emotionally and physically beat up. I don't sleep and I don't eat yet the doctors say those are psychological symptoms. What I do every day is exist and I don't want to do this anymore. I have been going for massages and he says he feels a mess of adhesions all the way up to my diaphragm yet I can't get one doctor to listen to me. I question my existence every day. I am no longer a wife or a mother. I am a burden and I don't know how much longer I can be that. I have lost everything. I am broken.

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