doctor albany ny area

From: nesaby (
Mon Jun 28 22:36:21 2010

desperate need of an experienced doc in the albany ny or surrounding areas.

have had several laps for endo pcos and finally a c cut hysterectomy. everytime they go in there is more scar tissue and more things scar together. But I had to get my gall bladder taken out this year - it was actually enlarged and it was in my liver - when she went in she had said she had to take adhesions down and it was a real mess but she didnt get them all by any means and I am in worse pain when stetching or turning sideways or trying to reach up and some times deep breathing. the only thing that makes it better is to lie down flat put heat on them and take 15 or the laratab and I cant live like this .....


TAH/BSO 7-30-02, endo, adeno, pco's, cysts, adhesions.6-2010 gallladder
removed from liver as well as adhesions

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