trapped gas

From: Kimberly (
Mon Jun 21 23:33:57 2010

i have trapped gas under my left never goes away. i barely pass gas rectally and i get gas stuck in my esophogus when i try to burp. i have had a million ct scans and they can't find an obstruction. i have had an ng tube in and it took out 2 liters of contents but once the tube was removed the contents refilled. i have had an enema to remove the gas but within minutes my whole abdomen bloats up. i live in chronic pain and fear. i have no appetite but can't get anyone to listen to me when i try to get help. i keep getting told that i need mystery diagnosis. i don't want to be a mystery. i am a 34 year old woman with an amazing spouse, mother, father and two small children. i am sick of having tubes placed in every orifice in my body as well as bruied arms from ivs so often. i am on 4 mg of dilaudid and it doesn't touch the pain. where do i go from here? i have to twist my doctor's arm and beg her for the dilaudid now. where is there help for me? when i go to the doctor he says its in my head and now i am labeled at the hospital. believe me i have better things to do with my time than make up illnesses. i feel like i am going to die if i don't get help. is there anyone who can relate to this.i have never felt so alone. thanks.

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