Re: Adhesions and Kidneys

From: Sara (
Tue Jun 15 22:46:37 2010

Ta'Lisa: I'm afraid it is dangerous. Although adhesions are for the most part a pain management problem, they can and frequently do cause life threatening conditions. So yes, go back to a surgeon or a urologist. This needs to be watched.

I'm assuming you're in pain management. If not, please do find a pain management doctor who treats abdominal pain. Good luck to you and please keep us updated.


At Wed, 2 Jun 2010, Ta'Lisa wrote: > >I first found out I had Adhesions disease when I had my appendix removed >in Feb. 2009. I have had 3 surgeries now including one for a tubal >pregnancy. I am now in excrutiating pain again and don't want anymore >lapro surgeries or anything. Is is dangerous to not go back to the >doctor. They are around my kidneys now and I was wondering what's the >best advice?

Sara in Denton

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