Is this a taboo subject

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Yes!  I am blessed with a wonderful understanding husband.  There is times when the love can push a side the pain.  It is a rough life.  But it is a life!  

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Hi Virginia, I don't believe it is a Taboo subject, at least not that I know of??? Mine has been awful, horrible,painful, non-existant, shall I go on? My Husband is afraid to do anything in fear that he will hurt me. There are times that I need the closeness, I tell him I don't care if it hurts me,what doesn't hurt me? I may pay for it for up to a week, just take my meds and curl up with my buddy the heating pad. It's not that I enjoy having pain inflicted (?) on me because I don't. I have been married to him for 24 years. About 15 of the 24 years have been painful. He is a kind, compassionite (?) loving caring man, and I am so blessed to have such a great Husband. There are times when there is absolutely No Way either. I just wait for a time when the pain is a bit less than normal. Hoped this helped?? Good luck and feel better, Cheryl 

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> Subject: Is this a taboo subject
> How is your sex life? I have had more operations in the last 5 years
> then sex!
> Nobody touches this subject. Adhesions binds up your pelvic area and
> makes this very painful and diffcult. Does anyone else have this
> problem?

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