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Fri Jun 11 14:04:19 2010

ender: KIMBERLYECANONICO@HOTMAIL.COM (Kimberly) Subject: Scared

I went to a massage therapist this week and he feels that I have adhesions attached to my diaphram and chest wall. Is this possible? Anyone else ever had anything like this? I know for sure that he felt something because he was able to tell me where I hurt before I told him. I have been scared for two years now from all of the pain that I am in and the countless times that I have been hospitalized and told there was nothing wrong and sent home in the same horrific pain as when I got to the ER but this information has me REALLY scared. I have a few appointments set up with him and while I feel like he streched some tightness( I am so sore)out I am also afraid that this is just making these monsters grow even more. Is it possible that I am doing more harm than good? I really feel like this has not only taken over my life but will eventually take my life.

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