Re: pian

From: Sara (
Wed Jun 2 22:01:08 2010

Hi Natalie: I am so sorry you find yourself amongst fellow adhesion sufferers. Well, if the pain doesn't go away your options are unfortunately limited. Another surgery will just leave you with more adhesions. Personally, I recommend that you see a Pain Management Physician.

You will probably need a referral to one. Your surgeon or family doctor can provide that for you. Please make sure that you find one who does treat pelvic and abdominal pain. Not all of them do. You may have to see a psychologist prior to treatment for evaluation. Nothing personal just some doctors do this. You may be required to sign a pain contract with the doctor. Read it carefully and ask any questions at that time. Do stick to your contract. That's very important. You would be booted out of their practice if you break it. And getting another doctor to prescribe opiates for you would be almost impossible. You don't want that.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I see a wonderful pain doc. She does blocks, injections and radio frequency ablations to help keep my pain down. These procedures allow my pain medicine to work. I really recommend that you see one if your pain doesn't go away.


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