Re: Adhesions caused by allergies?

From: Kim (
Wed Jun 2 22:00:02 2010

I feel like such a burden to my family. I had to stop working almost a year ago. We have mounting medical and credit debt. We are going to try and sell our house as a short sale because we can not make the morgage any more. I feel like if I were to die my family would at least get the insurance money. I am grateful for this message board because no one knows how I feel. Thanks, Kim

At Fri, 28 May 2010, Dawn wrote: >
>Hi Wendy, I know all too well how u feel. I would rather be alsleep all the
>time than having to be awake and in pain and thinking of what I have had to
>give up due to this damn disease! I too, had to give up my job of 21 years
>in 2008, and have also been fighting for ssdi since then.
>If u ever need to vent or talk, feel free to email me.

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>Subject: Re: Adhesions caused by allergies?
>I wonder if they are more prevalent in Caucasian's rather than other Ethnic
>groups. I'm white and have allergies to antibiotics and adhesives. I
started >having problems when I had Appendicitis back in 1979. My first daughter had
>to be delivered by C-section in 1988 and that's when the night mare really
>began. I was able to have my second daughter naturally in 1991 and in 1992
>I ended up having several surgeries including a hysterectomy. I had my last
>surgery in June of 2006 and haven't been able to work since then. I'm still
>fighting to get social security. I go to sleep every night hoping I never
>wake up again. Thanks for letting me vent.

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