Re: laparotomy intussusception - adhesiolysis

Sat Apr 24 04:31:45 2010

i am sorry you have to deal with that. unfortunately, i believe what you have is adhesions caused by the surgery. it is very painful and can cause alot of complications, i have adhesions from surgery. in my stomach area and have had this for over 15 years. for me it was from my appendix removal. the problem with adhesions is that the more you cut the more your body creates. for me this never goes away just settles down some. i dont now where you live but there is a doctor in celebration florida his name is dr redan he is a adhesion specialist, i have not been able to get with him yet but i plan on seeing him i learned about him from this website. i never knew there was a adhesion specialist and am so grateful due to the fact that surgeons dont know alot about adhesions. i will tell you this will never go away for you but you can and should have surgery to remove the scar tissue(adhesions) if you dont it can cause blockages and more sever problems. sounds to me that you have a partial blockage right now. if you are having problems with eating and swelling in you stomach area that is probably what is going on. But i am not a doctor your best bet is to go se a doctor. UNFORTUNATELY ADHESIONS ARE NOT VISIBLE WITH ANY TYPE OF TESTING. They can only tell if you have a blockage or by surgery. That is a real problem for some people due to the fact that the doctor orders testing and it comes up showing nothing. When my stomach swells i use a heating pad which seems to relieve some of the swelling and discomfort. ALSO - try to stay away from steak, fiber containing foods like cereal, nuts and eat lightly-eat what your stomach can handle.

Hope you feel better soon...

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I was suffering with stomach pain and stomach bloating. I was treated for IBS for 2 years. Two year back I was put under CT scan and intussusception in the jejune area. Doctor after struggling with laparoscopy for few time, decided to do laparotomy. The result, no instussusception was discovered but adhesiolysis was done which was (as I was told) was showing intussusception in the CT scan. 8 months after surgery, I got stomach blocked with massive pains and was taken for another CT and instussusception appeared again !!. I was told this time that this could be because of adhesions, but since I have sugery few months back conservative approach will be taken. I was on liquid diet for 3 weeks. I went through Enteroclysis and nothing was discovered, since doctors were looking for something might have ben missed in surgery, but he did not find anything !! the swelling went away after few weeks. This happened a year back and since then I am in misery when eating anything. I still get some pain after every meal, more when I eat is larger quantity, on my left side of stomach. Doctors told me, this could be due to adhensions but no one can confirm. Everyday this pain is misery, though it is not very strong pain. I want to know what could cause this pain and what should I do? Is this normal to get these pains even after 2 years of surgery. Do I have to live with these pains forever?


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