Re: Adhesions spread

From: Stacey (
Thu Apr 22 20:33:14 2010

Hi Ann,

I agree you need to have surgery before the adhesions cause an obstruction or start involving your intestines. The only thing is when it comes to surgery you need to MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN EDUCATED SURGEON, that is well versed on adhesions and endometriosis and how to remove them. I would not go to just any surgeon. I have had multiple surgeries due to adhesions and endo by surgeons who only made me worse. I finally found a surgeon, Dr. Jay Redan, who fixed me. If a surgeon is actually telling you that surgery is your only alternative, you need to find a GOOD SURGEON. Surgeons usually try to eliminate surgery when it comes to adhesions. Where do you live Ann? The surgeon that has done my past two surgeries is in Florida and he is the best surgeon I have ever been to. I would not let anyone else touch me now, I trust him with my life. If you want more information, just email me.


At Fri, 26 Mar 2010, Ann wrote: > >I had a hysterectomy 3yr ago 4 endo! Now its spread 2 the >apendix,bowel+chest wall. I have been told by a surgeon that my only >option is more surgery!i am scared 2 death as i was told that during >surgery i will b at risk from peritonitous+ a possible colostomy bag!wot >choice do i have?pain 24/7 or risk surgery? If i opt out of surgery will >these adhesions spread further?someone please help,im slowly loosin the >fight! Thank you, ann

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