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Very good response! One of my issues has been finding a pain specialist that deals with our sorts of issues. I have been seeing one since 06 thAt is local to me but now he is retiring!! I am scared to death about it and he believes it will be hard to find one to treat me! There are possible options, but a long drive from where I live. I just can't handle the long trips anymore alone and my husband can't hardly take off work to drive me and no family to help do it. (sigh)

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Karin, You came to the right place to learn all you can about this disease..Their are so many of us out there that live with this at varying degrees of severity. Stress causing this! No not really.. It's pretty much the way our bodies heal from the trauma of surgery..of course if someone wanted to argue about it.. stress on the body from surgery.. but to my knowledge stress itself doesn't cause adhesions. Reading your history of Endometriosis etc. It doesn't surprise me that you have adhesions. For some reason this disease hit's us females, from what I've heard, more than males, because we have things like endometriosis etc.. Yes it does hit males also..It's the way our bodies heal after surgery.. Many people get adhesions, probably more than we know, after surgery, but where the problem comes in is when the adhesions decide to attach themselves to other organs or abdominal wall, thus causing all sorts of problems.. for example in the digestive process.( thus your small bowel obstruction.) Anyway that all aside. I don't pretend to be an expert at this disease.. I just happen to be a Nurse that's worked in an Operating room and has seen these things.. and has had major problems with them myself. My suggestion to you is to first off find a good pain specialist that can help you feel more comfortable without having to be on all sorts of Drugs that just make you sleepy. There are many Docs out there that deal with adhesions on a regular basis.. I don't know of any one in the Rochester area of Ny.. But my Doc happens to be in Pa..within a decent drive from you.. Also from what I've heard from here theirs a Doctor in Fla, Ohio. Their out there. I just would suggest if you ever need to have them taken care of again not to go to just any surgeon. You need to find someone who's up on the good barriers etc to help keep these things from returning with such a vengence.. Since your a fairly new post op patient

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