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Fri Apr 9 13:40:23 2010

At Sun, 14 Mar 2010, nnmfam wrote: >
>I was just told this december that I have adhesive disease after
>developing severe abdominal pain vomiting and a small bowel
>obsstruction. I lost 23 lbs before a dr went in and peaked around to
>find my intestine and gallbladder in aknot. He told me my belly was
>full of adhesions .
>I am now in pain again it is only 2 months post op. I went today for a
>colonnoscopy and was todl I had some benign polyps. I asked a nurse why
>people get adhesion she told me stress. Makes no sense to me I have no
>unusal stress.
>I do not know what to think or expect ? What do you people do to deal
>with these?
>My previous history is ruptured appendex at age 3. Lap for endometrosis
>age 32,Hysterectomy age 36 had my incison evicerate, The recent surgery
>december 23 . I also have a huge list of severe allergies that casue me
>to go into shock.
>I am looking for any suggestions? I wnat to take an endurance class will
>that cause trouble? Any drs in the rochester, NY area that deal with
>How do you deal with the pain and the pain meds they make me so grogged?

Karin, That is a new one for me! Stress causes adhesions!!! I have had 15 abdominal surgeries. My pain is all the time, and I take pain meds. My last surgery to have the adhesions removed was 15 months ago. I would like to have another one, as I at least get 3 months of almost pain free, and that thing called a life, but my Dr. won't do anymore. I'm thinking about finding someone that will. I live in Oregon. If you have any questions you can email me at

Mandie Lundy

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