From: IAS Admin (
Fri Mar 26 19:06:37 2010

Subject: Adhesions

I lost my adhesions email pen-pal in December. Her name was Deb Backus (see her quilt) and I wasn't given much information why or how she died. I know it is due to adhesions. She had it rough and I'm not saying living with adhesions is all good. I follow restrict diet, drink hydration drinks to keep me hydrate and take naracotics for pain. The naracotics is good, it goes to the pain, not to my head and I can function. I can still work but am eligible for 480 hrs of medical leave each year due to this. I have missed work this year due to this. I still get obstructed so instead of going to the hospital, I stay home, put heating pad on stomach, drink/eat liquids and take naracotics. It works. Haven't had NG tube in since 2004. That is the worst.

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