adhesions & lack of appetite

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Sun Mar 14 22:33:31 2010

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Hi Everyone, I saw a new Psychologist last week and it was a little humorous. She said, "You are really depressed, You do know that don't you?" I almost started laughing at her, but I said, 'Ya think?" She couldn't quite grasp that it's the pain that causes the depression. I know I wouldn't be depressed at all if they were able to get rid of the pain. It's so said that there is so many of us suffering this living hell and we all have similar stories. So much of the general public don't even have a clue what adhesions are. I hope that one day they will find a way to help us. Maybe we will have to figure something out for ourselves since there are only a handful or two or maybe two handfuls of Dr's that even care about us.   As Always thanks for letting me vent.   Wendy

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