Re: Celebrex

From: Catherine b (
Sun Mar 7 07:19:10 2010

I am not a doctor but did Google Medical Madoff as you suggested and found an article about a Dr. Reuben at Baystate in Springfield, Mass. who allegedly faked data related to post orthopedic surgery pain.

You can also google "celebrex adhesions" and find information on a study involving mice and post abdominal surgery adhesions done at Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. The names of the doctors listed are Dr. Puder and Dr. Green.

I might not yet have found the informtion linking Dr. Reuben to mice study at Children's Hospital in Boston. But based on what I found so far, it looks to me like different medical studies, different kinds of surgery, and different doctors involved in the research. I'm not advocating Celebrex one way or the other, just think it's important that we look into these kind of claims for ourselves, which I believe is also what you're suggesting. >>
>Celebrex is still available as an anti-inflammatory. As to its efficacy
>as an adhesion inhibitor, that's most likely not true. Try an internet
>search on "Medical Madoff" - sadly you'll find info about a Doctor who
>faked research data in 21 studies, Celebrex was among the drugs
>I do not know if the adhesion study was one of those faked, however this
>particular doctor did author a paper on Celebrex and adhesions in
>Very disheartening and a horrible slap to all those who ARE working so
>very hard to help us who suffer from this horrible affliction.

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