Re: 5 weeks of excruciating pain.

From: Tara (
Sun Mar 7 07:15:46 2010

Cheryl, I cried with you when I read your post. I have never had the celiac plexus block. I'm only getting ready for my first adhesion removal in April. I have also been experiencing severe pain. The pain index seems to be a lot higher in the winter months. I did physical therapy for several months- the massage was nice; the application of heat to relax me was nice; the exercise was not so nice. My physical therapist was also doing deep palpation to try to break the adhesions and needling (like accupuncture but, deeper and the nerve is the target). I also started a TENS unit (physical therapy gave me). It does help (in very short periods of time) with back pain associated with muscle tightness (from all the belly pain). It did not help my abd pain. Just knowing that I'm not alone with this condition makes me feel less crazy. Local doctors here won't touch me. Pain management is still working with me but, we are reaching the limits of what they are willing to do for my pain. I too cry all the time and frequently get angry at my husband when he demands that I "get out of the house/go out". Only others that have walked in our shoes can understand this. It truly is a misrable exsistance. I too frequently try to sleep as much as possible and also want to "be left alone". That's classic depression. However, to quote a very wise woman in my life. "I wouldn't be depressed if you would get rid of the damn pain!" My thoughts are with you. If you ever need to chat my e-mail is and I'm on facebook. :-)

Tara Switzer, RN, BSN

At Sat, 27 Feb 2010, Cheryl wrote: > >After 5 weeks of the worst pain I have ever experienced with adhesions, >the pain in FINALLY starting to let up a bit. I feel like an emotional >mess since I had the Celiac PLexus Block. I can't believe I have missed >over 1 month of my life. This whole experience has really done a number >on me. I don't want to go anywhere alone. I used to have my Husband >drop me off at one store while he ran to another. The other day I told >him I didn't want to be alone could we go to each place together? He >said no problem. I feel so dependent on him, and I cry a lot. People >should NEVER have to go through this type of horrible pain and be >expected to deal with it. > >I went to a Comprehensive Pain Clinic yesterday. They hooked up a Tens >unit and sent me home with it. After about 4 hours I had enough. It >feels as if it agrivates my pain and intensifies it. They want me to do >physical therapy, work with a Psychiatrist, and find ways to learn to >deal with this pain since it will never go away. Evetually they may >look into a pain pump. Right now I am not thrilled with any of it >especially any type of exercises, we all know what it does to us. I >just don't have it in me to even cooperate with them. I'm not trying to >be stubborn, just emotionally I can't. I am crying while writing this. >My Husband thinks that exercise would be great for me and is very >excited about me trying the program the Pain Center is offering. I just >want to be left alone right now. Does anyone understand me? this? >Eventually some day when we have money ahead again, I will have adhesion >surgery again. Thanks for reading this. Only people that deal with ARD >truely understand what it is to go through our lives this way. Cheryl


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