Re: Lung adhesions

From: Kayla (
Wed Jan 27 20:20:18 2010

michelle i have been having problems with adhesions since i was 26 i had too have a historectomy 4 hrs after my son was born then at 40 i had breast cancer 6 mts of chemo after that i had growths 6 more surgerys no cancer but my dr told me he pulled a hole in my bladder from trying to get the adhesions off of it he told me it was like plaque on teeth he had operated on me 3 times said no more for him but on oct 21 2009 i had 2 main arteries blocked then 4 weeks later had fluid on lungs 2 days later around my heart they put me on 1800 mg of asprin a day for 2 weeks they said i would be put on steroids if the fluid was not gone in 2 weeks oh yea had my left lung drained really hurt so i started on asprin 3 weeks later the fluid was gone then the adhesions had covered my left lung it is over half cemented off i have a hard time breathing i do understand what you are going through and the answer to the question does adhesions spread yes they are like weeds but more like cement you can alsoi have them without having an operation and within 5 minutes after any surgery your adhesions start to grow i am living proof i am writing on a friends computer i am getting mine next week but write her back and i will get back in touch with you sincerely yours anna brown

At Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Michelle wrote: >
>No problem at all. We're all just out here searching for answers.
>At Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Lee Hope wrote:
>>Michelle: i keep asking people if you can get adhesions on your lungs
>>and in your thoracic cavity! I have been short of breath for the past
>>few mos and the drs dont seem to find much but mild obstruction on any
>>tests altho most recently one did find some inflamation. I was thinking
>>that perhaps it was from the abdominal adhesions attaching from my ab to
>>my lungs/ diaphragm and somehow making me irritatated (i pray not). Can
>>that happen? I believe if it's scarring of the lung they call it
>>fibrosis. But fibrosis shows on an x ray. If it's adhesions it
>>wouldnt. I dont want to give you any false answers, but i now ther's a
>>copd site you can go to for answers. I will mail it to your private
>>address. I'm still seeking answers on whther or not adhesions from
>>infection/water/inflamation in the abdomen can travel up into the lung
>>and thoracic cavity. Also can fluid from your ab get into the area of
>>your lungs? My right lung above te sight of the surgery feels "bound
>>down". If anyone knows can they please mail me? Sorry to jump in on
>>your e mail michelle. will mail you that site. lee

Kayla Worley

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