Pain after surgery

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Dear Richard:   I had surgery with Dr. Redan nearly 4 years ago for severe adhesions.  I have to say that he is a wonderful surgeon as my problems as far as adhesions have not returned.  I have had other medical problems however, but the adhesion pain and the adhesions have not returned and I owe that all to Dr. Redan.  He is a great surgeon, great bedside manner and I would not allow anyone else to perform surgery on me from this point forward, that is how much I trust in him.  Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.    Stacey Bennett  

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Dear Christine,
I have been looking for a Doctor to severe my adhesions. Sarah Wampler
recommended Dr. Jay Redan, Celebration, FL. -----Original Message-----
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Subject: Pain after surgery
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Subject: Pain after surgery

Hi Evryone, I hope this years brings better health to all of you.

Last year I had surgery for adhesions and my bowel has been working really well since then. My problem now is the pain I am getting from my scar. It more severe at night than the morning and more severe if I have been busy all day. Some days I can hardly walk. It is really getting me down. Its like having an obstruction but my bowel is working well. I have been back to the doctor and she has put me on Tramadol and Voltaran. If this no better in a month I will have to go back to my surgeon. I dont want another operation and I dont want to take painkilers forever either. I am so sick of being sick. Has anyone else had this kind of post operative pain ? how did you cope ? I would love some feedback .

Thanks Christine

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