Can Exercise make adhesions worse? - Depends of Location

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Wed Jan 20 19:43:10 2010

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  it would definitely depend upon the location of your specific adhesions. in my case they were caused by a gallbladder operation, the big-cut version because they waited too long. so mine are near and around my intestines  - so obviously massive amounts or even small bits of turning and twisting put myself at risk for intestinal problems, where the adhesions can actually twist around the intestines and in some cases cut off the blood supply and killing them off. resulting in surgery to cut out the dead intestinal tissue - and then hopefully able to reattach the functioning parts. or else welcome colostomy bag. Or worse. (what would be worse you might wonder? How about an ileostomy for starters.)   so really the answer to your question would be the old real estate mantra... location,  location,  location.   I'd make sure to ask the doctor if in your case which exercises would be better than others. Of course that's assuming you have a physician that acknowledges the existence of adhesions in the first place, and the suffering that goes along with them. Good Luck to you. - jack  

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