Abdominal Adhesions

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Dear Members,

In 1991, I had a colon resection due to Diverticulitus. In 1998, I started having abdominal pain and by 1999 was in bed or the couch. 

My wife and I went to the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland, John Hopkins Hospital, Forest Park Institute and the  University of PA. In March 2005, the University of PA said the abdominal pain was due to adhesions  from the colon resection. The University asked me to consider agreeing to have a laparotomy. After reviewing  the  decision with my wife, I decided the operation would be a poor decision.

I initiated a search for highly skilled surgeons specializing in adhesiolysis. I also investigated the strongest adhesion barrier that prevents the adhesions from attaching to other organs. 

Unfortunately, Spray Gel was the strongest adhesion barrier but had not been approved by the FDA for surgery in the US. My investigation provided the names of two surgeons in Germany. I was given references of patients from the USA that had there adhesions severed and wrapped with Spray Gel. I called several individuals on the reference list and they were happy with the surgeon who performed the adhesioslyis. The error I made was calling people that had their operation during the past 18 months.

In addition to finding an experienced, highly skilled surgeon, I will request the names of individuals who had  their adhesiolysis between three and five years ago.

I would appreciate references from individuals that had severe pain from adhesions and are now pain free and have regained their life.

Thank You

Richard A Venne 

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