How can I tell if it's adhesions?

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hi i just want u to know that i have the same symptom and i have adhesions all over the place . some times that feeling will not go away for a couple 2-3 days. i hope that yours is not adhesions. be blessed.

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How can you tell you have adhesions?

I had a laparoscopic complete hysterectomy a little over 3 years ago, no real problems other than minor bladder issues that went away quickly. Back in May, i was leaning way over in a very awkward position and my side right under my rib cage sort of seized up.  (like a stitch, when you run too fast and don't breathe right).  I went to the dr.  after a few days, thinking maybe my gallbladder was acting up and he ordered a sonagram.  no problems except some slight fatty infiltration of my liver (but liver function is ok).  He didn't treat me, just thought maybe it was muscular.  So, it went away until just about 2 weeks ago--leaned over weird again and it started bothering me in the same exact place.  it feels almost like when you're pregnant and the baby's foot is jammed up into your ribs.  I feel better standing up--sitting (especially in the car) becomes quite uncomfortable.  It also seems worse if i am doing any work that involves picking up stuff off the floor or any kind of bending over (even slightly).  I don't bend over straight legged due to a shorter hamstring on one side, and am real conscious of body position when doing things--having hurt my back a time or two.  i have no other physical problems right now that could explain this--

I have another dr's appointment next week and will bring this up--but meanwhile, does this sound like the beginning of adhesion symptoms?

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