Re: Bowel movement pain

From: Melisa (
Fri Jan 8 17:52:25 2010

hi, i also have the same problem and yes it hurts, i have found that eating a total vegan diet has kept things moving, although the pain is ever present, at least i am not obstructed. meat and dairy will slow "things" down and then you run the risk of a bowel obstruction and those are HORRIBLE. hope that his helps you out a little.

>At Mon, 4 Jan 2010, shrink wrote:
>>Well, I've been diagnosed as having adhesions. During my colonoscopy he
>>stated everything looked good, but he did have some trouble around one
>>side of my colon and stated that is probably where the adhesions are.
>>Here's what I don't get. The pain.........days with no bowel movements,
>>little pain (2 on scale of 1-10). Days with bowel movements,
>>medium-high pain (6-8 on scale). What does BM have to do with it?
>Movement stretches adhesions and irritate nerves and cause pain. Even
>having gas pass through my colon is a painful event.

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