Severe Abd Pain

From: Riki (
Wed Jan 6 18:45:43 2010

My sister has been in severe disabling pain since the 23 of Dec. Prior to that she was a normal healthy 22 year old with her only significant history being a complicated appendectomy at the age of 11. She had ruptured and was full of infection and her organs were shutting down. They were able to save her thank God, but a few weeks later they had to open her back up without any anesthesia or anything because there was not enough time. She was reopened and the surgical site was left open after cleaned to heal from the inside out to help prevent further infection. Since then her only reportable problems have been constipation, frequent urinary tract infections, and one bladder infection.

She has been to 2 different hospitals since the 23rd and has had CTs xrays and ultrasounds, labs, cystoscopy, urodynamic studies,and a lower gi.

Her pain is specifically located under her belly button right on her scar from the complicated appy. We have asked from the beginning if it could be adhesions and everyone has told us "no she would have a bowel obstruction" only her OBGYN mentioned pelvic adhesions but recommended a general surgeon do lap exploratory surgery due to complicated history. One surgeon has already refused to operate and treated her like a drug seeking idiot. We have a second chance tomorrow with another surgeon. We are praying we can convince him to do the exploratory lap.

She rates this pain 9/10 even with 3 narcotics on board. She won't rate it 10/10 because she says 10/10 pain is when you are cut open with no meds (which she has felt). She is also having urinary retention problems which have gotten so bad that she has to straight cath herself for relief.

I have researched pelvic adhesions as much as I can and I am convinced that is what is wrong with my sister. I am really hoping the surgeon will do the lap. She is supposed to return for her last semester of nursing school in less than a week, and she is supposed to get married in Oct! This should be a happy time for her, not a time where all she can do is worry about remembering what time to take what pain meds to help keep her semi comfortable!

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