Bowel movement pain

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Hi, your doctor said that your adhesions are probably on one side of your colon. As the stool passes through your bowel, it expands, as a result the adhesions rip and tear when the bowel expands before, during and after the bowel movement. I deal with the same thing, and yes it is quite painful. Good luck, Cheryl D.

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> Subject: Bowel movement pain
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> Subject: Bowel movement pain
> Well, I've been diagnosed as having adhesions. During my colonoscopy he
> stated everything looked good, but he did have some trouble around one
> side of my colon and stated that is probably where the adhesions are.
> Here's what I don't get. The pain.........days with no bowel movements,
> little pain (2 on scale of 1-10). Days with bowel movements,
> medium-high pain (6-8 on scale). What does BM have to do with it?

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