Bowel movement pain

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Hi, If you have adhesions, then get use to that routine! The reason is because when you DO have bowel movements, things are moving through the intestines and therefore aggravating any adhesions that are attached.  I dealt w/this on a daily basis.  If you would like any information on a doctor who is a miracle worker for adhesions, in my opinion, please let me know.  Oh and FYI, 1 glass of apple juice a day DOES help keep things moving, even a little out is better then none. Christina   In a message dated 1/4/2010 10:06:20 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: From: (shrink) Subject: Bowel movement pain

Well, I've been diagnosed as having adhesions.  During my colonoscopy he stated everything looked good, but he did have some trouble around one side of my colon and stated that is probably where the adhesions are.

Here's what I don't get.  The pain........days with no bowel movements, little pain (2 on scale of 1-10).  Days with bowel movements, medium-high pain (6-8 on scale).  What does BM have to do with it?

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