Re: Are new breakthroughs in adhesions imminent?

From: Genyfer Spark (
Mon Jan 4 19:58:48 2010

Hi Fern:

I can't believe a doctor would charge 200 for a consultation fee, that is ridulous. Usually a consult leads to treatment, a consult is too figure out whether you are a candidate or not. Who benefits from this in my opinion is the Doctor more than the patient, as the doctor gains the business if you go ahead. Sorry, if I get mad on these issues, but they really make me mad, I do not like the capitalistic system, when it acts like this. I did not get charged when I had a consult in Australia, thats where I am originally from and had my first surgery and Dr. Kruschinski did not charge me one either he is located in Germany. Actually he will talk to you on the phone, email you and look your medical records over for no charge in your consideration to see him. This is the first I have heard a doctor charging a consult fee, even when I see a lawyer for my business, I get a free consult at least the first half hour free. So I am very unhappy this happened too you.

At Sun, 3 Jan 2010, Fern wrote: >
>I read somewhere how they are using fibrin glue to achieve amazing
>results in different kinds of surgery.
>Some examples are using glue to close off the diaphragm for hiatal
>hernias, eliminating adhesions in open heart surgery, etc. I am sorry I
>can't find the website but I had seen an article somewhere.
>It could be that what Dr. Semertzides uses is part of this modern
>treatment and that is why he can claim his success rates. The only
>thing I don't care about Dr. Semertzides is he charges a $200 phone
>consult fee. I wish I could hear success stories from different
>patients who have been to him or someone else.
>Fern Hill

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