Adhesions, gastroparesis, Plus info on Constipation.

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Thu Dec 31 16:15:04 2009

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 I have been dealing with abdominal distension for 2 weeks now. I have called my Gastro's office every Monday. This Tuesday they had me go in for a shot of "Relistor" to hopefully get my digestion and everything else working. I thought it was particularly interesting that it is used on patients that deal with constipation from opiates from pain meds, and slow digestion. 

I got rid of gas and that was it! I very rarely deal with constipation. I wanted to share this info with all of you that do deal with constipation on a daily basis. I didn't even feel the shot. The nurse said one patient gives herself the injections at home to help control her constipation. I see my family doc today for meds check up, I can discuss my Gastroparesis problem with him also.

My adhesion monsters are stomping all around stabbing me from my belly button all the way over to my waist. I worry about blockage. I can't see my Gastro until Feb. 2. I am at least on the cancellation list. It just hurts deeper inside of me. I am doubling over more and every time I walk, I just want to cry!

Thanks for listening and "A Happy Healthy New Year to All of You". Tracy, thanks for always helping out on this site, I'm sure it is a lot of work. Cheryl

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