Re: Dr. Semertzides, Dr. Gerhart, etc.

From: Fern (
Thu Dec 31 16:14:00 2009

Here is my follow-up

I spoke to a secretary for Dr. Semertzides and if you send all of your information he can review them and then you can have a telephone consult for $200. I am not sure if this is reasonable or not. If he is good then I don't have any objection to coming down there.

I am planning to check with Dr. Gerhardt. I think he does much of the same thing as Dr. Redan and may be a little closer than Florida. Dr. Redan's assistant recommended Dr. Gerhardt if I wanted someone closer. For Pete's sake, I wish there was someone in California or anywhere on the West Coast. Dr. Redan requires patients to be there for a week. If he operates on a Thursday, he would like to see them on the following Tuesday. Then one could fly out of there. You need to bring a friend and then buy 2 airline tickets, etc. I am not saying you could make some sort of vacation out of it, but you could.

Once again, I am looking for long term results from either of them or anyone.

At Sat, 26 Dec 2009, Fern wrote: >
>I would like to know of anyone that has had long term results with Dr.
>Semertzides. Dr. Semertzides does explain how he tries to get rid of
>adhesions using a fibrin glue. I went to Dr. Redan's website and he
>does not explain what he tries to do. Does his method use a fibrin
>Fern Hill

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