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From: Alta (
Thu Dec 31 16:12:46 2009

I feel so bad for you. I know what you mean about the majority of ER docs now knowing what to do with us. I think most of us avoid going because we worry they think we are only trying to get drugs. NO, we are trying to get answers and you definately had some serious things going on. I hate to say that even with insurance, we are discriminated against.

I live in Wichita KS and one of the hospitals has a top notch clinic for the un and under insured. I am sure you have checked but if you haven't you might ask (the patient advocate/social worker) if they know of any around you. Bring records when you can. The last time I went to the ER we brought records and script bottles. I think it really helped. Also, if you can bring a friend or family member with you that may help. Let them talk for you.

I wish you get the help you need.


At Mon, 28 Dec 2009, angela wrote: > >I did speak with the hospital social worker who referred me to the patient >advocate.Both represenatives tried to assist me by speaking with the >attending who refused to be reasonable.I was told by the patient advocate to >be discharged and then go directly bck to the ER for readmittance.I refused >because at that point I realized these physicians at the hospital did not >care about me either because I was uninsured or their lack of knowledge >caring for adhesions related disorders.There are several hospitals by me but >the problem is that Physicians are not honest with their patients who suffer >with adhesions.Because these physicians lack necessary knowledge & training >to care for us all these physicians know is to perform open surgery which we >all know causes more adhesions & related disorders. > >At Thu, 24 Dec 2009, IAS Admin wrote: >> >>From: [] On Behalf Of >>HERB F DIXON >>Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2009 10:14 AM >>To: >>Subject: Re: Uninsured-Disrespected & Still in Pain >> >>Angela,I am so sorry to hear of your health and poor treatment. >>I cannot believe that they released you both times without >>having a BM. >> >>Not that it helps, but their is a patient advocate at the >>hospital and I would call and ask to speak with that person to >>let them know how poorly you were treated. It is your right to >>ask for a 2nd opinion. I would call Gastro's offices until you >>find one that will accept payments. I do hope that the Hospital >>has a plan to help with your bill, sometimes they even write it >>off after sending you paperwork to fill out, but it is worth it. >> >>Is there another town nearby that you could go to a hospital >>there? or find Doctors and specialists there too? Please don't >>give up, I know it is so frustrating but its not right to not >>have a BM in 3 weeks, I just cannot begin to understand why you >>are treated so horribly yet you are still suffering. It's just >>not right. I also can't imagine not having pain meds to deal >>with your pain, yes they do mask the problem, but also make it >>bareable. It just scares me that you could have a blockage. >> >>I would also call the records dept. at the Hospital and ask >>for your records from the past month so you have it in hand >>should you choose to see another Gastro. I'm sorry I am not >>much help. I just want you to know you are not alone, and I >>am scared for you too. Please get back on the phone and keep >>calling, or go to another town and get the help you deserve. >> >>You take care, and please keep us posted on this website. >>We are all here to listen and support each other. Cheryl >> >>> Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 22:36:03 -0600 >>> From: >>> To: >>> Subject: Uninsured-Disrespected & Still in Pain >>> >>> Sender: (angela) >>> Subject: Uninsured-Disrespected & Still in Pain >>> >>> Three weeks ago I was in extreme abdominal pain with tenderness to all >>> areas of my stomach.My PCP referred me to the ER for evaluation where I >>> was admitted & spent the week of Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving day in the >>> hospital.I had a CT scan which revealed an ileus.I was admitted >>> inpatient for 9 days which 4 days I was on clear fluids had to plead for >>> another CT scan. My GI physician after being in the hospital 4 days >>> came for a consult. His first order of business was the endless >>> questioning of why I did not have health insurance and if I had applied >>> for medicaid. He then told me that he could prescribe Amitiza but I >>> would have to come to his office to receive it. I asked him why he >>> could not prescribe it to me in the hospital but he made up some >>> ridiculous answer and advised me to make an appointment to see him. I >>> was upset and requested a 2nd opinion with another GI physician. The >>> new GI basically told me the same thing and to make an appointment with >>> him.That was my treatment!I was discharged with prescriptions for >>> narcotics,stool softeners, and laxatives.I was told that the ileus will >>> resolve when I passed stool(I hadn't passed stool for about 2weeks at >>> that time). >>> >>> Two weeks after being discharged I had the same symptoms of abdominal >>> pain with tenderness that hurt to walk,sneeze or urinate.I had still not >>> passed any stool even after taking colace,senokot,miralax & drinking >>> gallons of water. >>>

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