From: David (
Mon Dec 21 19:42:53 2009

Just need some information. Same old story...again. Had the gallbladder out around sixteen years ago. No relief. Every test known to man. Nothing. Doctor more or less said it was all in my head. Many doctors. Many tests. Nothing. The years go on and I deal with it. I hear about these adhesions from my new and much better doctor. Said better to leave them alone. Fine. I read up on them. Read this web site. It helps. I'm sure that is my problem. What else can it be ? Nothing ever shows up on the testse. Neither does adhesions and I'm not about to let them hack me open again...actually it was one of the first laproscopic gallbladder removals in my area...lucky me. My problem is that they "flair up" from time to time. It could be for a few days or weeks. Sometimes even a few hours ( especially after a bowel movement ). Somestimes the pain is mild, sometimes severe enough where I'd like to cut my stomach open or, right where the gallbladder use to be. Then it goes away as quick as it came on. Sometimes I can go months without an attack. Sometimes weeks. Now it's like Hell. Right where the gallbladder use to be and at this moment I need just a little reasurrance. I haven't any other symptoms. No lose of appetite. No weight lose. No fatique or throwing up. At fifty eight I run ultra marathons and box and do karate and am just a bundle of energy's this g*&&^%$#@ pain; adhesions. I'm just wondering, again if anyone out there has the same symptoms. Does your attacks or flair ups come on occassion ? Does the pain come in waves ? Does stress seem to play a part. Do you have periods where there isn't any pain at all? I have noticed that as time goes on these attacks sometimes get a little ( a lot ) worse. Anyone out there have similar symptoms ? Right they're killing me so any bit of advice will help. Thank you.

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