From: Alta (racostew@yahoo.com)
Mon Dec 14 20:09:37 2009

Hi All, When I open my email I always hope not to see new members to the site, only because it means that one more person is suffering. One more person is desperate for answers and direction. One more person is on the battle line.

I have been in the background for a while. My pain has been bad and now I have days I cannot walk. Without warning I will be walking and my leg just gives out. I think it has to do with the a nerve that crosses over the hip down into the thigh. It is like it goes crazy, short circuits causing my leg to just give out. I have fallen so many times its not funny.

As most of you know we have moved to a different state. This has not been fun because trying to find doctors in near impossible. I found a doctor who was associated with a large facility. I think it was a physician cooperative. They would only refer to doctors within the group. The doctor was fine and understanding at first but once things didn't go to plan, everything fell apart and she shut down. My pain was getting worse and I was dealt with like a person wanting drugs. I had to wean myself off of my meds (thank goodness I keep a stash for this purpose) and start all over again.

The majority of my pain has always been on my left side. Recently the pain is going down my thigh, eventually leading to the leg giving out. After falling a few too many times we decided to go to the ER. Now I hate going to the ER because they are usually no help. We told the ER doctor exactly what has happened over the last 12 years. He listened, asked questions and said don't worry we will take care of you. He ran some tests and found that once again I have a 3 inch mass in my left side. (Previous docs didn't do any tests.) He said that is probably what has caused my pain level to rise. He gave me 20 days of meds and a name of a doctor. I couldn't believe it. We were so happy. He probably thought we were idiots because we thanked him so much. I guess I will have to see how the new doc does. I will keep you all posted. Hope all have a tolerable pain week. Alta

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