Pain may not be adhesions but endometriosis

From: Genyfer Spark (
Thu Dec 3 20:49:13 2009

I know now what was the main source of my pain. It is endometriosis, the symptoms are practically the same. I know this to be the case because when I got my period I felt the worst nausea and the other symptoms such as abdominal pain, headaches ect Dr. K removed three large active nodules and said, you will feel even more sick during the healing phase than you did before and he was not wrong. I have had 3 periods in 5 weeks each lasting more than 5 days, which has never happened to me in my life before as I was regular as a clock. I recommend anyone who is suffering from pain get checked for endometriosis, as they both require laposcapy. However, the doctors may overlook it where they did with mine when I had surgery on Aug 19, 2009 and went to Germany had surgery on Oct 19 where my endo was discovered. You have to really demand that the doctor check the entire uterus when you have a surgery for adhesions, the sides the back sides everywhere. The thing I love about Dr. K is he really does a thorough investigation. He uses a unique procedure, where he tilts you to each side, to see if the organs fall the way they are suppose to if they don't it means they are attached to something. I don't think the USA does this, and you can't just look on the front side as our bodies and the organs are 360 degrees. If I suffer from extreme pain for long periods like I use to I will have a hysterecotomy. I have not had children, not married and am 34. But if I choose to have children I would adopt, so I guess I don't need it anyway!

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