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I am not a medical doctor. I have read and been told that adhesions can start forming within 72 hours of an abdominal surgery. 2 weeks after my sigmoid resection I was having sharp stabbing pains, I just thought it was a part of the healing process. I had 2 C-Sections. I did have some problems after my first one, sharp pains in both hips and shooting across my abdomen. I went in and was told that since I had such a big baby ( 10 lbs. 1 oz.) and I am such a small person that I had pulled muscles and I was not to walk around and carry the baby for about 2 weeks. I had to sit and have him brought to me to nurse him etc. I did finally heal up and felt better. are you taking, or using anything for the constipation? Stool softeners? It has been over 7 weeks since your C-Section. It should be the happiest time in your life celebrating your new baby, and enjoying being a Mommy! Now another 3 weeks have gone by? I would call the Doctor again. I know that nerves can get sewn in too, and that smarts. With the 3 more weeks going by, and your Surgeon not knowing about it, call and tell them it is worse. If it is not adhesions, ask what else it can be? Tell them too about constipation being really bad too. We do know our bodies, and know when things are not right. Don't let them just put you off. If you go in again and get no help, maybe you may have to find another Doctor. Best of luck to you, also it would be good to take someone with you, Hubby, Mom, Sister etc. Ask a lot of questions too. Congrats on your new baby. Please keep us posted. Cheryl D. > Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 22:49:31 -0600
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> Subject: C-Section
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> Subject: C-Section
> I had a C-Section just over 7 weeks ago. As time went by, and everyone
> said I should start to feel a little better each day, I felt no
> improvement whatsoever.
> My lower abdomen is extremely sore and tender to the touch, I get sharp
> pains in the right side of my pelvis certain ways I move. After 3 weeks
> post-partum, they admitted me into hospital to check it out. There was
> no remaining products left from the section and no sign of infection. I
> was in hospital for a week, given a course of antibiotics, then
> released. No answers, no improvement.
> Since then, another 3 weeks have passed and I am now in greater pain and
> constipated as well. I get stomach cramps when I eat and the nausea has
> increased.
> I asked both my GP and OB/GYN if it could be adhesions and they said no,
> it's too early for them to form. I was made to feel like I was just a
> wimp who couldn't recover from surgery and to suck it up. Can you get
> adhesions from just one C-Section? When do they form? I thought it was
> only a few days post-op and that most people get them, but they don't
> necessarily affect everyone.
> I'm so confused. Help.

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