Another Sleepless Night-Because of Pain-Part 2

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Hi The one time this happened to me, I phoned the Dr. at his home----his wife was very understanding. she also was a nurse, I got my pain meds the next day and when I am nearly out now no more waiting and chasing after people Pain can make one desperate,I also take Lorazepam 1mg @ night it helps  with the stress of the pain and get some sleep, which is important if one has to deal with daily pain.

A little info-----I went to see pain Dr. he said to me, that lady;s have twice as much pain than men. due to twice amount of nerve endings in their body's---so if you are asked, tell me your pain 1 to 10---it should be 1 to 20 for us girls----still a mans world !!!

also he said use heat, a warm bath, hot tub, or infrared heat lamps, so I have a daily bath just before bed-----and use my heat lamp laying on the bed----its so soothing and relaxing, which helps with the pain and to get to sleep---   On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 11:28 PM, IAS Admin (Tracy) <> wrote: Sender: (Tara) Subject: Re: Another Sleepless Night-Because of Pain-Part 2

Hang in there.  It's not uncommon to feel stressed when you think you may run out of pain medication.  If worse comes to worse- go to the ER. I know it's a horrible experience but, if you need pain meds-maybe take the last surgery report that states you have adhesions.  I worked in the ER for years and if you bring them proof they are more empathetic.  So, no worries you can obtain pain medication even if you don't get in touch with your MD.  Prior to pain management I ended up in the ER almost once a week.  I hope it gets better.  I'll be sending some positive thoughts your way.  :-) Sincerely,

At Fri, 20 Nov 2009, Alta wrote: >
>Sorry to have to add a "Part 2" but I must have hit send.
>I am out of town, away from my doctor and almost out of pain meds.  I
>have been trying to reach my doctors office to talk to the nurse what
>can be done.  If she calls me back, she doesn't leave a message even
>though in my paperwork I stated she can.  I am freaking out because of
>this.  My doctor does not work on Friday, so I have to talk to her
>today.  Since next week is Thanksgiving, I have to make sure I have
>enough for then.  This is really stressful and causes anxiety.
>I thought things were going well since our move.  I found a GP I liked
>and she referred me to a Gyno who is great.  She also referred me to a
>pain management doc and physical therapist since I have been seeing them
>for over a year.  The PT is not familiar with pelvic floor so I am going
>to look for another.  For me physical therapy has worked.  The pain
>management doctor it turns out will not treat me.  Turns out he does
>injections, pumps and stimulators.  I hae done the trial for the nerve
>stimulator and had not luck.
>Like all of us I am shocked and amazed at really the non existance of
>doctors that deal with adhesions in the US.  No one really wants to
>touch us.  We have something that is invading our bodies effecting the
>quality of our lifes.  To me it's like having a cancer, arthritis or
>parasite inside of us.  Why is it so hard?
>Like many I have been told no more surgeries.  I understand that because
>I no longer get relief from them, I feel worse.  (I am less than a year
>from my last one and have never felt worse.) But there has got to be a
>gameplan for us.  Are we supposed to live incompasitated? My life has
>been improved by pain medicine.  I hate to say it but is has.  The
>thought of being without it scares me.

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