Subtotal Colectomy questions??? Surgery scheduled with Dr. Redan.

From: Stacey (
Sun Nov 29 20:45:38 2009

Hi, I have not been on here in a long time. I am having major problems once again. I had surgery with Dr. Redan 3 years ago for removal of adhesions which was very successful. I love Dr. Redan he is an awesome doc. I have had many many surgeries over the years for various problems, endo, adhesions, ovarian cysts etc. Now, my colon no longer works. It has been about 1 1/2 years since it actually worked properly. It will not move at all. I have to give myself major enemas to empty it. I went back to Dr. Redan recently and he stated I needed to have the adhesions removed again as well as a subtotal colectomy. He did a sitz marker study on me and stated it showed my colon is not moving. He states I have slow transit constipation caused by the many open surgeries that were done and nerve and muscle damage that was caused by this. I was wondering if anyone has ever had this procedure done and if anyone can give me any information regarding this procedure..any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

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