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darlele dr. semerzides in cinn. ohio is my dr. and he is very good . he specilizes in adhesion surgery . he has not operated on me yet but many people come into his office from all over the country for him to work on . he is very kind and he will do any thing to help you. matter of fact he tells me what i am feeling unlike many drs. who tell me that adhesions dont hurt or it is all in my head. he is good. try him .

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Did you receive any information on Dr. Semertzides in Ohio.  Thinking about calling him myself.....just a little unsure.

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At Fri, 9 Oct 2009, Pam wrote: >
>has anyone heard of Dr.  Semertzides in Ohio?? I am thinking of going
>there and everyone (including Dr) was very nice and helpful with
>questions on the phone!
>thanks for your help
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