Lack of medical support

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Hi, I am so sorry to hear how your life is at the moment if I did not have pain meds and a inferred lamp-I would be in the E.R daily what right does this Dr. have not giving you pain relief- its inhumane, have you gone to the Hospital the E.R to get some help + how about getting a new Dr. one who knows about adhesion's,if you look back on this site you will find some names of good adhesion surgeons who are using adhesion barriers. Hope this of some help----Lyn   On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 7:17 PM, IAS Admin (Tracy) <> wrote: Sender: (Chris Ehlers) Subject: Lack of medical support

After battling abdominal adhesion for 15 years and some 17 surgeries I have reached a dead end.  The surgeon who had been treating me and had performed all of my abdominal surgeries was, due to poor health, forced to retire.  The surgeons I have seen since (5 to be exact) have told me that no matter how painful or nauseating I may get they will not do any more surgeries.  The last surgeon referred me to a pain clinic where the doctor has told me no more medication to relieve the symptoms.  When asked what my options are, they just shrug their shoulders.  My world has become the couch, TV, books, and internet.  And I can only use those on good days.  On bad days (of which there are many) I curl up in a ball and pray for relief that never comes.  I don't know where to turn and would appreciate any suggestions.



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