abdominal swelling from adhesions

From: Cheryl (HerbCheryl1@msn.com)
Wed Nov 18 16:59:30 2009

Along with dealing with adhesions, I also have gastroparesis. It is a disorder that deals with slow digestion. From what I understand as soon as a person starts eating and swallowing their food starts to digest. When I eat sometimes it takes up to 4 hours for my food to digest, because of that I deal with abdominal swelling, nausea, vomiting, diarreah, I just feel awful.

Fiber also contributes to it. One day I tried the new Blueberry breakfast squares cereal, 1/2 an hour later I was swollen and looked about 6 months pregnant. Pain meds also can contribute to it. I take Reglan (metroclopramide) 30 min. before each meal. Most of the time I just avoid eating, or eat very little, just drink a lot. I have tried Ensure and Slimfast they both make me sick and I swell. My Gastro suggested Carnation Instant Breakfast, it does the same thing. Lately I have been dealing with abdominal distension (swelling) and I haven't even eaten a thing. My question is...Why do people have swelling of the abdomen from adhesions. It is also very uncomfortable but not like gastroparesis, I don't vomit, or get diarreah, but I do also feel very nauseous. I know that some of you deal with swelling from adhesions. Can someone explain the why's to me? Thanks much for your help. Cheryl D.

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