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Wed Nov 11 19:21:23 2009

Don't forget, if one can't afford airfare, "Angel Flight" will fly people to hospitals over 100 miles from home.

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> Sherry,
> This almost sounds like a Ditto of what I went through.. I had
> endometriosis
> really bad and ended up having a hysterectomy etc thus down the road
> having
> adhesions . What upsets me the most about your story is all these
> docs/surgeons that know nothing or don't want to deal with adhesions
> letting
> people like you suffer.. There are so many other things that can happen,
> and
> the adhesions can cause a lot of damage if they aren't taken care of by
> someone who knows what their doing.. I went through this same thing having
> surgeons even telling me that adhesions didn't cause pain.. It's not the
> adhesions that hurt it's what they can do to all the other organs of your
> body with all the tuggin pulling, wrapping around ie bowel etc. It sound's
> like it's time you get to someone who knows what their doing. Their are
> surgeons who will take care of them and do know what they are doing.. I'm
> glad you came here.. Their are surgeons in Fla, Ohio, etc, Mine is in
> Pennsylvania. He saved my life after two other surgeons wouldn't do
> Its Clark Gerhart in Pa..(see I thank
> God
> for him everyday. I know I wouldn't be a live if it weren't for him taking
> over.. I am so much better than I was, although I know I'll never be quite
> 100% due to the surgeons here letting me go too long.. I had to take over
> my
> self.. and find him. God obviously was in control or I wouldn't be here
> talking about it...It sounds like you could have a better life, and that
> you
> should at least check with him or other Docs that know what their
> doing..You
> can contact my Doc through his web site and will ask for your records etc.
> It won't hurt to try. If you don't mind trooping to Pa.. I haven't
> regretted it for a second.. The only thing I regret is that I didn't get
> to
> him about 8 months sooner.. But like so many people I was stuck in a
> system
> that wouldn't do anything.
> Good luck and let me know how you make out.
> Marlene
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>> Subject: Chronic Pelvic Pain Due To Adhesions
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>> Subject: Chronic Pelvic Pain Due To Adhesions
>> I'm so glad I found this forum. I have had adhesions for almost 20
>> years. I have had a hysterectomy in 93 due to endometriosis. I had
>> more adhesions removed that same year during an appendectomy. I had
>> adhesions removed again in 2004 when I had my gallbladder removed. The
>> adhesions that time were in my chest. My surgeon said I also had them
>> in my lower abdomen and didn't remove those since they were causing no
>> problems at that time. I have had the excruciating pain in my lower abs
>> for over 8 months now. I have ct scans, mri, and ultrasounds. They
>> showed nothing at all. I keep telling my doctor that it is adhesions.
>> She tells me there is nothing to be done and said surgeons won't do
>> anything about it either. She put me darvacet for the pain, which she
>> said she really didn't want to do since they adhesions can come back.
>> After reading about it online I know that there is the right kind of
>> help for this. I cannot find any surgeons in Lubbock, Texas that are
>> specialists in this. I have become pretty much bedridden. I can't
>> work, or go anywhere anymore. I have a 9mo grandson that I can't even
>> pick up or play with. My doctor even suggested getting epidurals. I'm
>> like, why would anyone want to go through that over and over. Why would
>> she want anyone to. On the meds all I can do is sleep. I basically
>> cannot function in life anymore. Is there a way to find specialist for
>> this, I have looked everywhere online. I would appreciate anyone's
>> advice.
>> Sincerly,
>> Sherry

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