Happy to find site

From: Amy (goforit.taylor@gmail.com)
Sat Oct 31 13:00:05 2009

Hi, my name is Amy. My friend found this site for me and I am relieved to find support. I had a hysterectomy five years ago.(Severe endometriosis) About three years ago I started with some pain in my lower left side. I also have pain in my lower back. It's been about a year that the pain has increased. In the past six months I have been to the ER twice. CT scan shows nothing. The doctors feel that it is adhesions causing the pain, but they discourage surgery. They pretty much have the attitude that if I can deal with the pain it's better. I have a high tolerance for pain and really have not complained about the pain. When I do many people don't believe me because I am not yelling out and "acting" like I am in pain. The last trip to the ER the doctor gave me a prescription for Percocet. I try not to take it unless I am in a lot of pain. I just would like to find a doctor who listens and cares. Does anyone know of a doctor in Baltimore, MD? Thanks for listening. Amy

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