Feeling miserable ...AGAIN!

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Hi Tracy

Sorry your not feeling well! I am also at the point that I think it would be best not to eat! It seems it not worth it your right you only pay for it.

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> Hi Tracy, I am so sorry to hear about everything you have been going
> through, Being hospitalized, bowel obstruction, the darned swelling, and
> the
> nausea. I am so sad for you. It must have been just awful, especially
> since
> you just went through it a few weeks prior to that episode. When I go
> through tough times, I drink a lot not alcohol darn it! Doesn't mix well
> with the meds. Either do a liquid diet, soft diet, or a BRAT diet. I also
> have Gastroparesis. I am suppose to see a nutritionist, but have put it
> off
> along with everything else til my ins. kicks in Dec. 1st. I hate the
> swelling, I put on sweats, or my sons sweat type shorts. I have had a
> rough
> week also, but NOTHING compared to you. I know what you mean sick of being
> sick. I want to go out for dinner and PIG OUT!! BUT..I know in the long
> run
> I will pay for it. Has your doctor suggested foods for you to eat, or not
> to
> eat? When my pain is so bad and my intestines are ripping before, during
> and
> after BM's and I cry and double over from it all, I don't want to eat
> because of the end result. I know that the bowels are always contracting,
> but with adhesions wrapped around them and the stuff coming out causes
> them
> to expand, it is awful! In this day and age, and modern medicine, there
> should be someone in every state in the U.S. that can help ARD sufferers.
> What exactly do they do for you when you are in the hospital with a bowel
> obstruction? Do they give you certain meds to help? Do they ever talk
> about
> the possibility of surgery when you go in to possibly take down adhesions
> that are looped around your bowel causing this? You take care, rest, and I
> pray that you will be better soon. Cheryl D.

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> Subject: Feeling miserable ..AGAIN!
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> Subject: Feeling miserable ...AGAIN!
> Hi All...
> I've been pretty quiet lately but today I'm really in need of some
> support.
> I was just hospitalized for 8 days on Sept 25th for yet another bowel
> obstruction....which they again blame on these darn adhesions...Over the
> past two days I'm dealing with the same symptoms as I did just a few weeks
> ago...terrible pains in my adbomen, my tummy distended so much I'm sure
> anyone who didn't know me would think I was expecting and the nausea...The
> nausea is just horrible...yet I have not vomited...yet
> My bowels are a mess...I feel like I have to have a bowel movement but
> only
> produce very small amounts of very thin strange looking stuff...I know too
> much info I'm sure....
> I just can't believe just adhesions keep causing this and nobody will fix
> it....I often wonder if it's something I eat that causes this or at least
> get's it going....This past week I have been snacking on crasins...It is
> the
> only new food item I have been eating and even noticed that I had
> undigested
> ones in my bowel movement this morning....Could this be what has caused
> this
> flare up....Do any of you find certain foods flare up problems for you?? I
> guess I'm just sick of feeling sick.
> Thanks for listening!
> Tracy

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