Feeling miserable ...AGAIN!

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Mon Oct 26 18:04:54 2009

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Hi Tracy, I am so sorry to hear about everything you have been going through, Being hospitalized, bowel obstruction, the darned swelling, and the nausea. I am so sad for you. It must have been just awful, especially since you just went through it a few weeks prior to that episode. When I go through tough times, I drink  a lot not alcohol darn it! Doesn't mix well with the meds. Either do a liquid diet, soft diet, or a BRAT diet. I also have Gastroparesis. I am suppose to see a nutritionist, but have put it off along with everything else til my ins. kicks in Dec. 1st. I hate the swelling, I put on sweats, or my sons sweat type shorts. I have had a rough week also, but NOTHING compared to you. I know what you mean sick of being sick. I want to go out for dinner and PIG OUT!! BUT..I know in the long run I will pay for it. Has your doctor suggested foods for you to eat, or not to eat? When my pain is so bad and my intestines are ripping before, during and after BM's and I cry and double over from it all, I don't want to eat because of the end result. I know that the bowels are always contracting, but with adhesions wrapped around them and the stuff coming out causes them to expand, it is awful! In this day and age, and modern medicine, there should be someone in every state in the U.S. that can help ARD sufferers. What exactly do they do for you when you are in the hospital with a bowel obstruction? Do they give you certain meds to help? Do they ever talk about the possibility of surgery when you go in to possibly take down adhesions that are looped around your bowel causing this? You take care, rest, and I pray that you will be better soon. Cheryl D.

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Hi All...

I've been pretty quiet lately but today I'm really in need of some support. I was just hospitalized for 8 days on Sept 25th for yet another bowel obstruction....which they again blame on these darn adhesions...Over the past two days I'm dealing with the same symptoms as I did just a few weeks ago...terrible pains in my adbomen, my tummy distended so much I'm sure anyone who didn't know me would think I was expecting and the nausea...The nausea is just horrible...yet I have not vomited...yet My bowels are a mess...I feel like I have to have a bowel movement but only produce very small amounts of very thin strange looking stuff...I know too much info I'm sure....

I just can't believe just adhesions keep causing this and nobody will fix it....I often wonder if it's something I eat that causes this or at least get's it going....This past week I have been snacking on crasins...It is the only new food item I have been eating and even noticed that I had undigested ones in my bowel movement this morning....Could this be what has caused this flare up....Do any of you find certain foods flare up problems for you?? I guess I'm just sick of feeling sick.

Thanks for listening! Tracy

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