In Germany at Klinik AM Zuckerberg just had first surgery

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Genyfer, I am soooo very happy for you! I had surgery with Dr. K back in 2005. I know the relief that you are talking about, and it is sheer HEAVEN! What was totally awesome after surgery was: No doubling over anymore when I walked, no pain from gas being used to inflate your abdomen, no dealing with gas trapped in my body, especially the shoulder pain like someone is shoving a shovel in your shoulder. I was really never given the chance to see the difference the adhesion surgery made. I got hurt 7 weeks post op, had to return to work ASAP 8 weeks after surgery when at that time Dr. K said take it easy for 12 weeks. Then about a year later I tripped over a raised side walk, got hurt again. Both times I smacked, or landed flat on my abdomen. I explained my situation right away to Dr. K and he said that I was probably dealing with internal bleeding from smacking my abdomen so hard, and that in turn causes adhesions. Then Feb. 2007 had to get my gallbladder removed. So I am and have been living in HELL again from these stupid MONSTERS that wreak havik in my body. If I ever get another chance at surgery, I won't be doing much of anything. I desperately want my chance! Just cannot afford surgery this time around as I am on SSD. Good luck with your 2nd look next week, its a piece of cake. The next day I felt so good, we went downtown shopping. Remember to do everything that Dr. K tells you about recuperating. It's so hard because you will feel so good you just want to do everything that you haven't been able to do in such a long time. I hope you are enjoying your visit, it is so Beautiful there, and the food is so great! Especially their chocolate YUM! Take care, Cheryl D.   > Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 20:43:12 -0500
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> Subject: In Germany at Klinik AM Zuckerberg just had first surgery
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> Subject: In Germany at Klinik AM Zuckerberg just had first surgery
> Hi All:
> I am sitting in the cafe on the ground level of the above facility as I
> write this too you. It is less than a day after my surgery with Doctor
> Daniel Kruschinski. I could not belive how good I felt after my surgery
> which took place yesterday at 1PM. The fact I can write this email is a
> testimony to that. My surgery in the states back in August left me in
> so much pain I could not walk or even pee without pushing on my bladder.
> I needed painkillers every couple of hours, pain in my shoulders you
> name it. Well guess what I have not needed a pain killer since my
> surgery, even the surgery does not hurt just a little pain at the
> incision site but that is it. This just shows me how that CO2 the usa
> uses is so lethal. I had a surgery on August 19 this year in the usa
> california to be exact, where I felt worse and more sick than ever. Dr.
> K said, he found adhesions all around my appendix area. Therefore the
> serafilm and surgery in two months ago in August was a waste of time,
> money and caused damage as opposed to making me well. There's a reason
> why usa doctors talk you out of having surgery, that is because most of
> them don't know what they are doing and secondly their success rate is
> really low. I feel after this surgery in Germany the same as I did when
> I had my first adhesion removal surgery in Australia 10 years ago, it
> lasted 10 years with no pain and spray gel was not available then. Had
> I stayed and not ventured out to europe I would be bed ridden and
> probably commit suicide, therefore in killing myself the value of my
> life is worth less than 15,000 US.

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