Can adhesions present without pain?

From: Harborchick (
Fri Oct 9 22:51:13 2009

I am a newbie, looking at all potential reasons for my 12 year old daughter's nausea. At age 2, she had surgery to remove a 12 cm ovarian teratoma. Doctors originally thought it was a large mesenteric cyst intertwined through loops of bowel. Once they entered the body cavity, through a large abdominal incision, they discovered that it was instead a large teratoma attached to her left ovary. They removed the teratoma, performed a left salpingo-oophorectomy (took out left ovary and tube) and bi-valved the right ovary. Her immediate recovery was uneventful.

At age 12, she suddenly began to complain of nausea. She was diagnosed a couple of times with bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine. Is it possible for adhesions to play into this at all? She has only complained twice of pain in the left lower quadrant over but overwhelmingly the complaint is nausea without pain. Do adhesions ever present without pain? My pediatrician obtained an opinion from a ob/gyn surgical resident who said adhesions will only present as pain so the chance of the nausea coming from adhesions is zero. Is this your experience as well?

Thank you so much for any insight.

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