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I wish all those who have had a complete hysterectomy would ask their doctors about cytotec (misoprostol 200mcg 2 tabs twice a day. The side effect is

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thanks bill for the info - i sure can use that. sorry about all that is going on with you. i am not there yet but i can say that this adhesion thing has totally taken control of my life i am limited to the things i can do due to the pain. it is a miserable way to live. cant wait till the dr's see the adhesions as a serious thing and do something for us with it besides more surgery, cuz the more you cut the more you create....


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Hi Bill, Thanks for the info. This info is also great for people that take pain meds that cause constipation. Cheryl

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I haven't written to this message board in a long time. My first surgery was back in 1994 with many more to follow. Over the years the complications and pain from adhesions has put me where I am today. Out of work, divorced, not much going on in my life.

Several of you have written about one complication - constipation. As so many others have suggested alternative remedies I have found one as well.

Cold Milled Super Flax Meal made by Natural Brand. It is sold at GNC. One quarter cup mixed well into 4 ounces of any sort of juice drink you prefer each night prior to bed. I can almost guarantee you each morning you will have a soft and substantial movement which for me was a major, positive change.

The Flax Meal has the added benefit of keeping your cholesterol levels in check. This is actually it's main purpose.

Just wanted to pass this along....

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