lysis of adhesions

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I first had a abdominal hysterectomy cut hip to hip because I had a cyst the size of an orange to be removed.  My 2nd surgery they went back in abdominally hip to hip again to remove another cyst for the one ovary they left that was the size of a grapefruit & they found massive adhesions & removed then at that time.  My 3rd surgery for removal of adhesions was done with a laproscope through my belly button.  My 4th surgery again for removal of adhesions was done a 2nd time again through my belly button with the laproscope.  My 5th surgery for removal of abdominal adhesions I was cut up & down from my belly button to my private area & my 6th surgery for abdominal adhesions was also done from my belly button down to my private area.    I am having problems with adhesions again at this time & my abodminal area is swollen & I look like I am 6mths pregnant & I'm miserable.  I really don't want surgery again but I was also wondering if maybe going through my belly button was possible for my (maybe 7th adhesion) surgery?  I have had abdominal surgery then laproscope surgery then again abdominal but never the other way around.  If you get an answer please drop me a line I really would like to know the answer because of my present problems with adhesions again.   JoAnn  

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